Hi Ads,
Just a quick message to say loving TTH and I will probably be getting 6 month membership when the latest trial period ends. I have never been so successful trading the horses, just wish I had been using bigger stakes. (Gonna try that this week). Just to let you know I am also going to purchase PMT tonight for a few months to give myself time to get used to the software fingers crossed I pick it up as quickly as TTH.
Just wanted to say thanks

Dear Sir!
First of all my English will be not so good so sorry for that.
I used the TTH in the second time today. In sunday was the first time and I traded without a trading tool.
Im just watched the markets and the odds moving in the TTH and the Betfair site for playing some free bets and watch the moves.
Today I bought one day from BetAngel. So this was my first day with BetAngel and second with your TTH tool.
I was set the minimal 2 pound stake and try to catch 1-2-3 tick profit. Most of the cases I was go in around 15 mins before the off
and 5 or 2-3 mins out before the off in the win markets. But take note of that in the last two Kempton races where I was go in 30 mins before the off I can produce much bigger profit than usual. I dont know if this was only some luck or this is the best time to start it with the TTH.
Im think open a trade around 30 mins before the off is safer a little bit but with this method I can't trade every race
But sometimes the less is more. If the TTH shows a great opportunity between 30-10 mins before the off Im jump in without a question.
The profit I made is equal with my stake so I think it's good. The sad thing that I will trade only in the weekends. My everyday work
is not so good for a very-very bad money but this day awoked my motivation for the trading. I have four day off this week so I can trade
a little in these days. If I can produce a constant profit and made between 0.50-2 pound a day with a 2 pound stake I will scale up slowly my stake. My one and only target is made around 300 pounds a month but trading only the four weekends. This is 8 day a month and in the weekends seems to me the speed the liquidity the markets the opportunities are poorer than the weekdays but I hope I can manage this. I give myself 5-6 months for this. Your TTH tool is an awesome product and Im very happy to use that. Im glad that I found the TTH because Im getting motivated and I feel I found something good and trusty. Really thanks for your work and the 0.99 pound price opportunity for the tool this is a very very big help for me! 
Kind Regards,


john... ( sent a message using
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   just wanted to say thanks for your fantastic software,i know its earlydays
but im very impressed,im only using very small stakes but ive had around 40
trades and only 3 or 4 small losers,keep up the great work,

        many thanks,

my feedback is greatly positive. I am more a scalper and the tool is very helpful
cause you can see where the odds are more probable to go (or if they will be stable).
This helped me to earn more money in the days I used the tool.
Wheter you are an experienced trader or a relatively newbie, the tool can help you
in your decisions. Sorry, no screenshots cause I wanted to take it in last 2-3 days
but the tool page was offline.
Best regards,

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to test the new site am greatly 
impressed with what I've seen, will be subscribing and made a few euros too!
Keep up the great work.



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About TTH

Following the success of the PMT tool for football markets we were asked if it was possible to replicate for horse racing markets. After extensive researching and successful testing TTH was launched in Nov, 2014.


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